5 Best Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers

5 Best Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers

Everyone has a nature-lover in their life, and unless you're an outdoorsy type yourself, you probably have no idea what kind of gift you should get them. Nature enthusiasts love things that remind them of mother earth, and something that makes their outdoor hobbies easier. If your intended gift recipient is a free spirit and has a passion for nature, these gift choices will make your loved one smile. These gifts range from backpacking, hiking, and camping supplies to gifts that celebrate the beauty of nature.


Nature Adult Coloring Book

The curse of being a nature lover is that you can't be in nature all the time. One of the best ways to bring the outdoors to your loved one is to gift them a nature-themed adult coloring book. This is the most affordable, most versatile gift option on the list because there are tons of options when it comes to adult coloring books, ranging from flowers to wildlife to national parks. Even when your nature lover is trapped inside, they can escape to the outdoors with your thoughtful, affordable gift.



Dry Sack

If your nature lover doesn't already have a dry sack, you should get them one. If they do have a dry sack, then it wouldn't hurt to have a second! A dry sack is essential for kayaking, boating, or camping trips. Dry sacks hold all your belongings and keep them dry, even when the bag is submerged in water. Dry sacks offer a range of sizes depending on your needs, and the larger dry sacks are designed for long camping trips. If you want to make sure your nature-lover has dry, warm clothes, a dry sack is a great gift choice! 



Bezzazan Peshtemal Turkish Towels and Throw Blankets

Turkish peshtemals have been around for hundreds of years, and their popularity is only now reaching the United States. Originally designed to provide Ottoman bathers with quality and privacy, a peshtemal towel is a very versatile gift that can be used for many outdoor activities. Bezzazan’s peshtemal can be used as a towel or swimsuit cover-up, a tool for yoga and meditation, a picnic blanket, a chic shawl or a scarf on a chilly evening, a cozy throw, and much more. Its versatility is limitless. As if that wasn't impressive enough, Bezzazan has partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant trees in areas of need, and uses compostable mailers from Eco-friendly shipping supplies brand Nolssue.

With a long history of quality and environmental consciousness, Bezzazan’s peshtemal Turkish towels and throw blankets are the best choices for a nature lover!



Life Straw / Life Straw Waterbottle

When it comes to camping, hiking, and backpacking, water is crucial. Without water, a camping trip can turn deadly, so all outdoor activities are aided with the Life Straw's help. Its innovative design purifies and filters water, no matter the source. With a Life Straw or Life Straw Waterbottle, the camper will always have a clean water source. Provide your loved one with the greatest gift of all - the gift of fresh, clean water. You can sleep soundly at night, knowing that your nature enthusiast will be safe, and all thanks to your gift.



Backpacking Hammock

One of the best things about camping, hiking, or backpacking, is taking a break and enjoying the relaxing sounds of nature. By giving your loved ones a backpacking hammock, you're ensuring that they won't be lying on the bug-infested dirt. With their compact, backpacking hammock, the nature lover can easily transport it anywhere. Whenever they're ready for their break, they can pull out their handy-dandy hammock and set it up in a few easy steps. With your gift, your loved one can lay back comfortably and watch the world pass by.



The free spirit in your life deserves a thoughtful, high-quality gift. Whether it's something that reminds them of the great outdoors or helps their outdoor activities, you can give your loved one a great present. Get your nature lover a backpacking hammock, Life Straw or Life Straw Water Bottle, Turkish peshtemals, dry sacks, or nature-themed adult coloring books. Giving a useful gift to a nature enthusiast is the best way to show them that you love them.