Meet the Bezzazan family, who’s wandered near and far before settling down in Boston, MA. We enjoy getting out and exploring beauty of the outdoors, experiencing different cultures, and learning about the way life works in new destinations. We created Bezzazan to embody this free-spirited and minimalist lifestyle with the most versatile products you’ll ever find – Turkish towels & throw blankets. Whether you’re soaking up sun at the beach, enjoying a scenic hike, a beach picnic, or cozying up on your sofa, bring one of our unique peshtemals along to keep you grounded, and in harmony with nature.

Our mission is to provide you with our one-of-a-kind products, while preserving beauty of the Mother Earth and contributing to conservation of traditional Turkish craftsmanship. By joining hands with National Forest Foundation and Eco-friendly shipping supplies brand NoIssue, we plant trees in areas of need with every product sold. Discover these wonderful peshtemals for yourself, and see why we love them so.