Bezzazan was founded on appreciation for traditional craftsmanship and commitment to improving environment for the future generations. We believe in sustainability, connecting oneself with nature and the world as a whole. Our mission is to provide you with our unique products, while preserving beauty of the Mother Earth.

 Crafted by Turkish Artisans

There is a story behind our name, “bezzazan” is what the fabric merchants used to be called in the times of Ottoman Empire. All of the Bezzazan’s textile products are 100% Turkish cotton, hand-loomed by artisans in a village of Denizli region, a local craftsmanship that originated back in 14th century. Turkish towel's flat-woven fibers make it more compact and light-weight than an average terrycloth towel, requiring less time to wash, dry, and store. Crafted to be an essential beach accessory - they're absorbent and sand-repellant. Our beautifully crafted peshtemals are incredibly versatile, durable, and only get softer with each wash, making them a staple of sustainable lifestyle movement.

National Forest Foundation

We are excited to partner up with National Forest Foundation. Together, we commit to fight deforestation by planting trees in areas of need with every Bezzazan product sold. Why trees? Aside from forests being our favorite places to explore and enjoy picnics, they play a vital role in our fragile ecosystem.

Our National Forests and Grasslands are at the core of America's natural riches, and yet, today these treasures are threatened by unprecedented challenges.Working with the U.S. Forest Service and partners, National ForestFoundation's goal is to leverage their best thinking, conservation capacity and community action to measurably improve the health of the National Forests and Grasslands.


NoIssue Compostable Packaging

We proudly ship our Bezzazan products in biodegradable mailers by Eco-friendly packaging brand NoIssue. We encourage you to place your bag into the compost, and it will break down within 90 days, leaving no trace behind!

Packaging is the largest end-use market segment accounting for just over 40% of total plastic usage worldwide. It takes up to 500 years to decompose plastic items in landfills.