Inspired by the oceans and shores, completed with hand-loomed tassels, our Reflective towel has that calming energy to it. Bring it out for a beach yoga to meditate, and wear it as a chic shawl in the evening. When at home, add a boho touch to your décor by draping it over patio furniture, or tossing it on a bed. Its versatility is limitless, making it a perfect companion for all the soul seekers out there.

Double-Sided Design

Approx. 35" x 69" (90cm x 175cm)


Crafted in Turkey

100% Turkish Cotton 

Eco-Friendly Benefits: Peshtemals are sand repellant, leaving sand at the beach. Flat woven fibers make them more light-weight and compact than an average terrycloth towel, requiring less time to wash, dry, and store.

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, and hang dry. Do not use bleach, dryer sheets, and fabric softeners - our peshtemals already get softer and more absorbent after each wash! 

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