Aligned XL

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Authentically hand-loomed by Turkish artisans, delicately beautiful, yet practical and versatile to bring along wherever you roam, our peshtemals add a touch of warmth and character to any setting!

"Aligned XL" is sized to comfortably fit a friend or two while sunbathing at the beach, enjoying a picnic, or snuggling by a fire pit. When at home, wrap yourself in it as a blanket and cozy up on a sofa. To elevate your décor - simply drape it over your furniture, or toss it on the bed. 

If you take "Aligned" on an adventure, you'll love how lightweight, compact, and sand-free it is. Forget about bulky, heavy beach towels - these pack up small and dry in minutes. 

Approx. 57" x 67" (145cm x 170cm)

Crafted in Turkey

100%  Cotton