5 Sustainable Lifestyle Tips

5 Sustainable Lifestyle Tips

When it comes to the environment, you may think that your actions aren't powerful enough to affect it. This is far from the truth. Your individual choices can make a massive difference to our planet By making a few wise decisions, you can shrink your environmental footprint and improve your lifestyle.

Below we've listed top sustainable lifestyle tips that improve your life and the environment. These tips include buying higher quality products, learning how to sew, practicing sustainable gifting, and more!  


Learn How To Sew

Clothing production and waste are slowly destroying this planet. Instead of contributing to the cycle or paying top dollar for a tailor, you can make a significant environmental change by learning how to sew. Sewing is a simple skill that can change your life for the better. No longer will you have to throw away a garment because of a hole, rip, or lost button. The internet has many options when it comes to learning how to sew. There are many how-to articles and Youtube videos out there, waiting to teach you how to mend or alter your old clothing step-by-step. Also, crochet is making quite a comeback, so if you are feeling bored this winter season, it is a perfect time for a new hobby!



Invest In Higher Quality Products

One significant factor of our suffering environment is our production, consumption rate. Modern products are made to be cheaper and of lower quality. This makes the product's lifetime expectancy much shorter, which means that it'll be thrown away and added to a landfill before it is purchased again. To step out of this cycle, invest in higher quality products that have a longer life expectancy.

Instead of purchasing cheap mass-produced towels or throw blankets, you can opt-out for a high-quality option that will save money in the long run. Bezzazan towels and throw blankets are a highly sustainable choice as they're made out of all-natural, 100% Turkish cotton, crafted by artisans who follow ancient weaving techniques. These peshtemals are super absorbent, stylish, and made of a higher quality fabric, which means that they will last longer than any other towel or throw blanket option. In fact, peshtemals are known to grow softer with each wash, making them a must-have item for the sustainable living.

As if that wasn't impressive enough, Bezzazan has partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant trees in areas of need, and uses compostable mailers from Eco-friendly shipping supplies brand Nolssue.



Buy Produce At Local Farmers Market

Grocery stores have many negative consequences on the environment. Grocery stores can cause food waste, deforestation, water wastage, and fertilizer run-off. Instead of supporting these destructive processes by purchasing your produce at the grocery store, opt-out for the local farmers market. By supporting your local farmers market, you'll also be supporting your local farmers, which is much needed in a world where big co-operations buy out the smaller guy. It's better for the environment and better for the local economy! 



Get A Water Saving Shower Head

One of the best ways to make an impact is to make a change in your day-to-day routine. Since you probably take a shower once a day, the best way to cut down on your water usage is by investing in a water-saving shower-head. Water-saving shower-heads save millions of gallons of water a year, making it one of the easiest and most affordable changes you can make in your everyday life. Not only will this save you money in monthly expenses, but it will also save some precious resources.


Practice Sustainable Gifting

Sustainable gifting is one of the best ways to lessen your environmental footprint. Only purchase high-quality products that are less likely to be thrown away. For example, peshtemal towels and throw blankets are made of high-quality Turkish cotton, which means they will last longer. In addition, their versatility is limitless, so even if someone doesn’t go to the beach, they may still like to wear it as a chic shawl or use it as a decorative throw. That makes them a sustainable gift for your loved ones!

If you're not sure that your recipient will like the gift you gave them, always make sure to include the gift receipt so those precious resources won't be wasted. Invest in recycled or decomposable wrapping paper to cut down on waste and deforestation.



If you want to make a change, there are so many ways to make your lifestyle much more sustainable. Tips for a more eco-conscious lifestyle include practicing sustainable gifting, learning how to sew, investing in higher quality products, buying a water-saving shower-head, and buying groceries at the local farmers market rather than grocery stores. Your choices matter, and you can make an impact with just some small changes!