Unique Must-Have Boho Gift Ideas

Unique Must-Have Boho Gift Ideas

When browsing for the perfect gift for a free-spirited loved one, you might find that it's hard to match their unique soul and spontaneous spirit. Their gift must be chic, exceptional, and match their overall lifestyle. A unique individual doesn't want an average, everyday gift. They want something that reminds them of the ocean, the shores, something that reminds them of both freedom and comfort. The perfect gift will uplift their mood, elevate their life or living space, or help them relax after a long day.

Below we have listed top unique, must-have gift ideas for the special loved ones in your life. Suppose your intended recipient has a free spirit, unique tastes, loves nature, appreciates high-quality craftsmanship from talented artisans, and tends to lean towards bohemian decor options. In that case, these are the best options for you.


Himalayan Salt Lamps

A Himalayan salt lamp is a beautiful way to light up the room and boost your mood. Himalayan salt lamps typically come in a light pink to orange shade that coordinates easily with other beachy, boho-style decor. These lamps are versatile and can act as both a stunning centerpiece or a tasteful accent. Himalayan salt lamps have benefits that range from spiritual to emotional to physical. Some of the advantages of having a salt lamp include improved air quality, a boost in mood, and better sleep. So not only are these lamps attractive, they fill your home with a comforting ambiance and improve your quality of life. Getting your loved one a Himalayan Salt lamp is the best way to show them that you care about their physical and emotional state.



Turkish Peshtemal Towels & Throws

Peshtemals have been around for centuries, originating in the Ottoman empire, designed to provide bathers with privacy, while also being super absorbent and stylish. A signature design of these beauties include vivid patterns boarded with either tassels or an airy fringe. Peshtemal towels and throws have become a growing trend in the United States. They’re a perfect gift idea, because they’re so versatile that you simply can't go wrong! Besides the towel and throw, they are also your new scarf, shawl, swimsuit cover, picnic blanket, tapestry and a yoga mat buddy.

In addition to all the above listed qualities, Bezzazan peshtemal are crafted by Turkish artisans and have designs that embody that wanderlust vibe we love. If you want to give your free-spirited loved one something special, but you don't know what to get, a peshtemal from Bezzazan is the best choice for you.



Geodes and Geode Inspired Decor

Geodes and geode inspired decor is a rising trend among the boho-chic. Modern homes are now decorated and outfitted with all-natural geodes. Whether it's wall art, sculptures, trinket boxes, bookends, and figurines, a colorful geode will add a brilliant touch to any room. Geodes serve as unique decor pieces, and they also are known to have many spiritual benefits. The spiritual benefits of having a raw geode sculpture include improving your mood, lessening stress, balancing your energy and spirit, and improving meditation and decision making. If you're looking to give the free-spirited individual in your life a heartfelt gift that will raise their vibrations, geode decor is the best choice for you!



Bath & Meditation Bundles

In these times, it's hard to live that boho, carefree lifestyle. Politics, traffic, jobs, drama, social media, and so many things make it difficult to feel relaxed in this fast-paced world. Bath and meditation bundles are the best way to fight stress. These bundles usually come with organic, all-natural soap that is engrained with essential oils. Included in the bundle will typically be a range of spiritual incense sticks like white sage, breu resin, chacrona, jagube, and palo santo. These incense have many benefits like promoting relaxation, sparking creativity, improving focus, restoring spiritual balance, easing headaches and stomach aches, and cleansing all negative energy. Bath and mediation bundles are a fantastic choice for a boho-chic recipient who needs a little break from the stress of everyday life. 



The free soul in your life deserves something that matches their unique personality. The list above has the perfect gifts for anyone who likes to go against the grain. If you don't know where to turn, consider getting your loved one a Bezzazan peshtemal, bath and mediation bundles, Himalayan salt lamps, and all-natural geodes. These presents are environmentally friendly, boho-chic, and above all, affordable.